Every year at the onset of winter, residents of Delhi NCR wake up to a cover of thick smoke, followed by months of discussion on how vehicular emission is one of the biggest contributors to the state of drastic air quality in the National Capital Region. Every year, there are token bans on movement of vehicles for a few days until things go back to their old course, and diesel- petrol run vehicles keep increasing in number, despite the sharp rise in fuel price.

However, the news isn’t all that grim, since many organizations have paid cognizance to the fact that running vehicles on diesel, especially commercial vehicles which form an important part of supply chain is not viable. One promising and sustainable solution to the situation is to opt for electric vehicles. Elletrica Mobility Private Limited, the parent company of EVOO, a Branding and Logistics solutions company based out of Gurugram, has been doing it’s bit in developing innovative, green and cost effective, electric carts which don’t just act as a supply chain solution, but also offer great opportunities for branding and retailing.

We connected with Tejasvi Singh Nandal, co-founder of EVOO, and discussed with him how battery operated carts are the future of logistics.

“We started operations as a manufacturer of electric carts with the aim of becoming a supplier of these eco-friendly battery operated carts to logistic companies as well as to businesses that are retail focused such as grocery businesses and dairy product suppliers” said Tejasvi. “The carts are completely customizable, and can serve business across verticals, ranging from logistics to retail businesses like food and beverage, grocery, or pretty much any products that can be sold in a store. Features like refrigeration can also be added to the carts to store and deliver perishable goods. So basically, any business that is run out of a store can be turned into a business on wheels with our carts, giving the business owners an opportunity to tap into a new customer base.”

When asked about the technology used to power these eco-friendly carts, he revealed, “we invested a lot of time and resources to do complete research and developed these customizable and technologically advanced carts, with built-in RFID technology. Our offerings ride on our commitment to bring down the carbon footprint and thus make use of best in class Electric carts to offer them. Especially with the drastic increase in fuel prices, and its effect on prices of other commodities, we believe our electric carts can be an integral part of the initiatives to counter inflation and pollution.”

While the need for electric vehicles is clear, were businesses open to the idea from migrating from diesel run supply chain solutions to battery operated vehicles?

“There was a certain bit of hesitation, and we realized that we needed to showcase the efficacy of our carts to our prospective customer base. So to lead by example, we decided to launch EVOO grocery and supermarket on wheels, which started servicing various residential complexes in Gurugram, and stocked up on daily essentials, grocery and even fresh fruit and vegetables.” Says Tejasvi. “The idea picked up, and not only were we able to multiply the number of our carts within months, but were also able to establish how electric vehicles provide an environment friendly, sustainable and cost effective supply chain alternative.”

Tejasvi Singh Nandal, Co-Founder of Elletrica Mobility Pvt Ltd.

EVOO, a brand of Elletrica Mobility Pvt. Ltd., is a customizable, direct-to-consumer sales platform on electric carts. It solutions range from groceries and essentials to advertising and branding and logistics and last-mile delivery solutions.